nikhil + priya's rooftop helicopter proposal

i’ve always said that i would never blog… but here i am! i’ve been wanting to share more content in larger batches, which is hard to do on instagram. so welcome to my new portion of the site, where i will (hopefully) update with all my faves from the sessions and weddings i do!

nikhil was referred to me through my lovely friend connie marina who is my personal mentor and all time fave gal to work with. nikhil had planned a helicopter ride all over the city of atlanta, landing at the rooftop of the popular venue ventanas. he tricked his now-fiancee into thinking it was a work-related event, and although she says she knew a proposal was coming soon, she was completely surprised! both of their families were hiding there as well to wish them congratulations and get some sweet photos together. this couple is absolutely the sweetest - you can see how much they love each other and each others’ family. and not to mention they are both drop-dead gorgeous, like model gorgeous. and that RING.

thanks so much for having me, nikhil + priya!

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