so you're getting married. 
i know that the magazines make it look like this is a beautiful, exciting time - and it is! but let's face it: wedding planning is stressful. it's expensive. it involves a lot of compromise. and i am biased here, but i have believed for a quite a long time that if you are going to spend your money on something, it's better if it lasts for more than one day. photos are those things to spend your money on. the cake will be eaten, the flowers will die, the dress will hang in your closet. but the pictures of your day, especially the moments you didn't even notice in the whirlwind of it all, will last for your children and grandchildren to see. every couple and every budget is different, so i do my best to work with every price point and see what we can do to make pictures a priority on your day. 

if you're looking for a photographer who will help you keep your head on straight, who will capture every candid moment of both you AND the people you love, who will pour you an extra mimosa as you're getting ready, who you can text to ask about nail colors or first dance songs or how the hell to put on a boutonniere, that's me. i want to make your day easier, more about you, and the most memorable it can be.


wedding packages for 2019-2020

elopements start at $1200.
weddings start at $1800.

for any questions related to pricing, to see specific packages, and to get a quote for either a local or a destination wedding, please head to my contact page and shoot me an email. i will be happy to send you my pricing guide which should answer any question you have.